How can we use photo scanner app?

Today, basically everybody has a mobile phone, including childern. Yes, it is understandable, after all it allows us to call for help wherewer we are, but also parents doesn´t have to worry about their childern so much. If they are not at home in time, they can simply call them to make sure that they are all right. Same with old people – no more worrying that old grandma falls and stays there for hours without help.

Of course, thanks to their popularity, new and better models are put out all the time. In present day, smart phones are basically small pocket computers with the ability to make calls or send SMS. But to use their potential fully, we need to customize them with different applications.


There are many of them, and most of them are free. You can download any you like, with the only limitation being the memory space on your phone.

Of course, some are more well known than others. One that doesn´t have enough recognition for now is a photo scanner app Photo Scanner. As the name suggest, thanks to this application we can connect our device with a scanner via for example USB cable and scan photos directly into our phone.

Nice, you can say, but what is it good for? Today, basically all photos are digital to begin with, so you can simply download them, no need for scanning. And that is true, but it has it´s very important use.


Digital photography is relatively new thing, which means basically every household has photoalbums and boxes full of old paper photos. And those are some of the most valuable. So, how can we show them to our friends without the risk of damaing them? Scanning them into your phone is the answer.

Thanks to this, you can look at them whenewer you like, while the originals are safely stored at your home. Plus, you can even clear them with the use of another app, and restore them (or at least their digital copy) to its former glory.